Catching Time

Today is Saturday and you know what that means.

For the working woman it is the day we cram all of our chores into one morning.  For the Stay at Home mom, it is the day she spends cramming all of her chores into one morning.  We are all deluded into thinking one or the other has more time. 

Time is a valuable commodity.  

I am a mean mommy on Saturday mornings when I try to balance the need to spend quality time with my babies and wanting desperately to have a clean house.

I am not talking perfection.  I don’t want anyone to eat off of my floors…well, except my toddler.  I don’t want him to but he will and so far he has survived, sooo…

Someone with grown children once told me that they spent so much time after work and on the weekends chasing the perfectly manicured home and garden that their children reported in their adulthood that she cared more about a clean home than spending time with her children.


It is one of her deepest regrets.

On the other hand, my mother-in-law shared with me last night that she didn’t have a clean table for 14 years.  If anyone ever came over, they shoved it to the side to clear a spot.  

My children have cleaned their rooms and now they are tumble bumbling all over my couch.  The couch stained with pudding, dog hair and ink pen marks.  The couch that probably, yet again, has this underneath it.

Or much, much worse.  I made my sons fried eggs on toast and I kissed them full on the lips as they carried their plates out of the kitchen. 

Time is a valuable commodity.

You can never get it back.  Their is no catching up.  Moments are either lived in, or they are gone.

I will eventually clean my house. 

Somewhere around 14 years from now.

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