I am scarfing down the yogurt and granola (stuffed with flax seed and nuts).  I have a cup of soy milk next to me and a banana.  I never eat a full breakfast like this at one time and the banana may be thrown in the bag for later on.  I’ll need the energy and the potassium to keep the cramping away.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, I have roller derby practice this morning…..for four hours.

I am so excited.  I am piling on the protein, skipping the dehydrating caffeine and filling my water bottle.

We, the fresh meat, have graduated (mostly) past falls, stops and whips.  We are now going to get to hit!

Hit! Hip check!  Pack work!

If you could see us get all derby giddy when we talk about it, you’d be all a twitter with our contagious excitement.  We are crazy excited.  Crazy may be the key word.

So this morning, I have bandaged my two blisters that seem to be growing more or callousing over with every practice to prevent them from bursting.  I will dig through my bag to check for my mouth guard and scrimmage shirts.  I am praying for a low center of gravity and quick feet.

Ah, so much fun.

4 thoughts on “HITS!

  1. Am off to my first training this afternoon! (Delayed post earthquake)Looking forward to it – thought I'd read some of your derby posts to get me in the mood!

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