Wordless Wednesday: Grandma’s House

I am turning 31 in about 3 weeks.  I will be a 31 year old woman.  I think I can remember when my own mother was 31.  Strange to think of such a thing.
I have been very busy.  I have gotten myself a new job (Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project), joined a new team (Lansing Derby Vixens), started writing for a new paper and magazine (The New Citizens Press and Urban Mainstream Magazine) and….*panting* continued to try and raise compassionate little people while keeping a healthy relationship with my guy.
It is time to celebrate!
Instead of asking for gifts (which I normally do…in multiples) I am asking that those that hold affection for me, honor me by making a donation to build a house for this family.
This is Pauline and she is a grandmother in Uganda that cares for her own grandchildren who have been orphaned by AIDS.  She lives in poverty and her home is a shack.  For $700 I, along with my generous friends, can build her a new home.  She will be dry when it rains, warm when it is cold and secure when others look to steal from her and her children.  Right now, I have raised $412. 
Please visit my birthday page and give what you can: http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/251302
Who doesn’t want to be able to say that they built a home for a woman like her? 
Happy Birthday to me! :)

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