Wedding Day Craze

Today is the Royal Wedding.
What? You didn’t know?  <~~~sarcasm font :)
I know.  It’s all over my screen too. Facebook posts about ugly hats and strange choir boys.  Tweets about the dress with photos.  It. Is. Everywhere.
At first, I took David Lettermen’s attitude when he said, “I am not sure if it’s that I don’t care or if I couldn’t care less.”
Your welcome. 
I do know that I love a good wedding.  I love brides and grooms and flowers and kisses.  I want to watch too and I may later.  I did check out her dress and I think it’s gorgeous.  The Prince looks very fairy tale dashing too.
Are you sensing the “but”? 
Well, I am not going to be the Eeyore cloud on their wedding day.  I am not going to talk about the frivolities and the reality of marriage being hard.  NO ONE thinks about that on their wedding day because you cannot know the difficulties and rewards of marriage until you are in the thick of it. 
I will say this though.  This photo was my favorite moment during our wedding.  It was the only time, other than the limo ride, where we were alone.  We had a quiet “We are married” moment that was just ours.  The clever photographer snapped a photo and then we were thanking our guests for coming, taking photos and off to the reception. 
I don’t regret the frivolities of the day.  It was indeed a celebration.  
I do hope that Kate & William, in all the craze, can have a moment like this.
Apart from being Royal, this is their wedding day and no one else’s.

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