I’m Too Busy For My Blog: So Busy It Hurts

6 Things I want you to know but I don’t have time to tell you.
1.  The cacti that are on deaths doorway are still in my home.  A Christmas cactus lost most of its limbs when my toddler cut it prison style.  He also knocked another planter off of the office window ledge.  Please.  If you love things that grow on the earth, save them.  First come first serve.  
2.  I have started selling Mary Kay.  I am a consultant.  I am a little freaked out about it.  I keep thinking about the lady from Edward Scissorhands that sold something similar in their little suburban lookalike neighborhood.  I love their makeup but I am not sure my spitfire grill personality will mesh.  However, Mary Kay being a grandmother when she started the business doesn’t exactly make her a demure wall flower.  My parties will rock the house.
3.  Roller Derby is going amazingly well.  I love it so, so, so very much.  I cannot wait to wash off my makeup, put on my leggings, ripped blue shirt and skate.  I love my derby girls.  My feet own two of the nastiest ouchies from blisters turned callouses, turned blisters again.  I love my body for being able to do any of it.  I think we are going to have a scrimmage soon…us newbies but the Lansing Derby Vixens have a bout this weekend.  Online tickets are sold out so let me know if you need paper tickets.
4.  I have surpassed my goal of raising $700 to build a grandmother house for Pauline and her family.  I have raised $723.
Yeah.  Soak that up, because that is some good stuff.  
I have determined that my friends and family are the most generous people on the planet.  They are as not rich as I am but they are kind, giving what they have.  So I have extended my goal to include a pit latrine too.  I know the potential is great. Why sell ourselves short?  It’s only $225 more dollars.  Easy Peasy.
Click here to see my birthday wish and donate.  You can also donate directly to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project through their website.  I will know.  I count the money. You can also throw money at me when you see me.  I take cash and checks. :)
5.  I am considering partnering my blog with a charity that serves mothers.  I have some ideas.  I have some dreams.  I even have a catch phrase all thought up.  I have started researching some things and I cannot wait to see what happens.  *teaser*
6. I am too busy to be writing a blog.  I have already forgotten to post the Autism posts I have.  I promise to finish that.  I have a giveaway for you all.  I have a lot of writing to catch up on.  Wish me luck, focus and inspiration.  I have stories to tell, books to review and interviews to hold.  I need an assistant, a bouncer, more coffee and I need, need to go to my lovely diner down the street where the sound seems to push the creativity out of me.  Maybe after derby practice tonight.  :)

One thought on “I’m Too Busy For My Blog: So Busy It Hurts

  1. Keep 'em coming, dear! I hear ya about the blogging…… I want to do it daily, at least get a schedule going. But life gets in the way. I don't know how you do it, but I know you'll get it done!

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