Fair Warning

To be completely honest, I feel in topics related to faith, I need to give a long, small print disclaimer.

I have been reading Job.  I have been relating to Job in many ways.  Of course, the one way that I do not relate to Job is his willingness to accept whatever God handed him.

It has left me questioning, angry and even a little astonished at God for giving permission for Job’s suffering.

Did he also give permission for my suffering?  Of course he did.

Yeah.  Feel that.  Let that rush up and down your body for a second.

Feels awesome doesn’t it. <~~~enter sarcasm font

So I don’t want to write too much because I am sure someone will be offended that I view God in a not so pretty, rose colored, stained glass kind-of a light right now.

I feel acidic.  I feel like there is no excuse for that.  There is no letting God off the hook – especially when he quasi brags about doing it to us in the Bible.  After which celebrating our willingness to trust him and find him blameless…even when he sort of allowed it.

Wait.  Not sort of.  Totally allowed it.

I am still reading One Thousand Gifts.  I feel like the book of Job somehow weaves itself into a kinship with the ideas in that book.

This is me just warming you.  I am letting you know that I’m pretty mad.  I have loads of questions.  I am putting them out there.  It may offend you.  Here is your fair warning.

2 thoughts on “Fair Warning

  1. I have been a Christian, God fearing, person ever since I can remember, but I can't help but to have questions, oh do I have questions. When I was young I heard the pretty versions o all stories, but when it comes down to it, hmmmm, I continue to have questions. I don't know what makes me think that my husband has all the answers, but somehow he helps ease my wonders even though I might just be driving him nuts. But anyways, one day, I hope, we'll be able to understand, but wouldn't it just be nice if Jesus just sat with us with some explaining?

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