Finding Beauty

I have been busy.  I have loads to share. 
I gotta say though, that my busyness not only left me with loads to share but tons of loads to wash, dry and fold as well.

What can I say?  This is the glamorous life.

My birthday hit us all like a Mack truck.  
We celebrated.  We reveled.  We laughed.  We danced.  We raised money.  As a finale, I participated in my first roller derby scrimmage.  It was all good and I will definitely need to recap some of the high points.  There were definitely some high as the sky points.

First, let me start with some rest.
Today I decided to place all of my energy and rest my heart completely in my home.
I was very domestic today.  Even if my attempt to make homemade granola was thwarted by the grocery troll.  You know, the little guy who steals the two cups of this or the tablespoon of that vitally necessary to make that thing you love.  Jerk.
I managed to complete some things that were just nagging at me…or that I was avoiding by any means necessary.  I also noticed about an hour into my morning the stale bread I had been saving for the ducks out by the river.  It was a misty morning but warm enough for wellies and a walk.  I folded just enough laundry to dress my children appropriately for a walk to the park.  
Have you ever had a time, long or short, where you felt so busy you needed to make introductions with your family again.  No?  Yeesh, I have got to stop outing myself as the worst mother in the world.  

Last weekend…there I go recapping for you already.  

I needed some fresh air.  I needed some time cultivating the simple and the quiet.  

I have lived in Michigan 10 years now.  I still get a little homesick but usually I cannot believe how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place.  

I caution you.  I find beauty everywhere.  I think the LBWL factory is strong stone art against the soft sway of the river.

Someone told me I need to get out more when I admitted that aloud during a conversation.  

Oh well, one mans trash and all.

So, we stepped out for a nice walk.

We watched the risen spring river.

We found a field of wishes just begging to be made.

We had a few quiet minutes seconds.

We found ducks gorged on worms…that or even they don’t want the stale burnt toast I saved for them.

We found places we forgot about while hiding from old man winter.

Levi ran up the hill…

and Isaac followed him down.

We even found time to stick it to the man.

I guess I just love where the world we built seems hidden by what God created.  It’s like we worked together to make something wonderful.

All of the boys making ready for one more splash down before heading home.

It was a peaceful, lovely time and my soul was better for it.

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