Breaking the Wall **Warning** Gratuitous Derby Post

This post is very gratuitous. I have other things to write about and I know you have things you would rather read about. However, as a new derby girl, I gotta say these videos kind of make me feel like a rock star.
Even if we were just running a drill.
Even if I see errors of my own.
Even if I decide to retire the gray leggings for the way my booty looks in them. (See tragic)
I still need to share them with you.  You are a lucky duck.  You do not have to sit and watch them forty-five times while discussing what I learned, how it applies and what I will do next time like my poor dear sweet family.
I am the girl with the yellow helmet….This note is for those of you who are truly color blind and may not notice that I am the only brown girl on the track.

You might think by the title that I was able to break up a wall of skaters for my jammer.  You would be wrong.  This video is of me, cutting in towards her, missing and hitting the wall.  It is not the first wall I have attempted to take out with my steely hitting skills and it will not be the last.  
This video opens with a sweet one skate maneuver by Firecracker, who was so proud of herself, she threw in the jazz hands and a whoo! for free.  Your welcome.  Then Little Miss Cheeky gave a nice whip (just ask Cotton-Fire, camera crew and narrator) to Jenny Got Your Number.
This is a little thing Jenny Got Your Number and I, like to call a jamming drill. We were basically trying to skate through a pack of girls trying to stop us with the help of our own blockers. My girl Kendra was a booty blocking champ today.
I love this one because it is a great example of what derby is for me. I cut in and hit Mya T Mouse who was practicing jamming. As I cut over to do it again, Jenny Got Your Number pushes me right off the track. I am high on the challenge. You do something well and then you totally miss the mark on the next one. We are at that sweet spot where love meets learning.
Enjoy the videos!

And while I am here, I may as well remind you to get your tickets to the upcoming SMACKalaureate: Lansing Derby Vixens vs. Mid-Michigan Derby Girls on June 11th at the Lansing Center from 6pm-9pm.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Gateway Community Services.  Come see some Vixen action while supporting a great local cause.  

See you there!
Nina Firecracker
P.S.  XOXO to all my Fresh Meaties, Cotton-Fire, Hi-Def and Duhbullo Reffin for being so darn nifty at practice today. :)

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