Dancing Grandmother

It was my birthday.  Yes it was.  About a week and a half ago, I turned 31.  You may remember my 30th birthday.  Okay, you probably don’t but I do.  I love birthdays.  I would celebrate just about anything if given the opportunity.
Paid a bill on time?  You deserve a reward!
Last day of school?  Celebratory big breakfast!
Pee pee in the potty?  Yaay!  *clapping hands* 
(This one has trained the two year old to clap for any person going to the bathroom.  It’s pretty funny to watch him clap for his father.)

This year I decided about six weeks before my birthday to give up my dreams of repelling the Boji Tower and raise funds for Team Lansing. Instead, I decided to try and raise enough money build one grandmother house for a woman in southwest Uganda caring for AIDS orphans. So I created this page: http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/251302?bws=st

Meet Pauline!  This is the grandmother who will be receiving the home we raise the funds to build in honor of my birthday.

Then I set my goal as $700.  
Then I set my goal as $925
Then I set my goal as $1200

and finally,

I set my goal as $1900.
Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, a stranger or two and even a few anonymous donors, I met surpassed all four of my goals.  After donations online and off were counted, we managed to raise more than $1900 for the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

Everyone was really impressed with my fundraising skills.  *doubled over laughter*
The truth is everyone was impressed with the amazingly generous people I surround myself with and so was I.  I will never forget their support of this cause and the “Drinks” purchased on my behalf.  It was an amazing experience and I will do something like it every year.  I have recommended this method do every socially conscience person or innocent bystander as a way to do something good for the world. 

Ever wonder what it looks like when a grandmother from Uganda dances with joy?  Now you know.  Check out that sturdy house behind her provided by the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project through the support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

 Happy Birthday to me. :)



P.S.  That page is still accepting donations and you can also make donations directly to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project using their website www.nyakaschool.org.

P.S.S. This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I still have more awesome stuff to recap about my birthday weekend.

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