Time Out

Dear readers,
It seems a bit humorous to write a post about taking a break.  A little oxymoronic?
I need a breather.  I have a few things I have to work out. 
Remember that quip about me being like the Runaway Bride in the About Me page?  I have a few more egg dishes to sample.  My heart is figuring on a few things.  I need to be silent for a couple of weeks.
I will need to focus on very simple things.  Eat. Sleep. Breathe….
I suppose I will still post a few things here and there.  I have another version of CSI: Sesame Street ready to go for Wordless Wednesday.  I just can’t promise you my regular witty commentary on life. 
Scratch that.  You can count on witty commentary.  I am just worried that for a time, the stories will be just sitting on the surface. I hope you don’t all run for the hills.

How’s that for cryptic?  I do my best to provide suspense in this blog as often as possible.
Your welcome.
Love Always,

One thought on “Time Out

  1. Take care, Tashmica.
    I'll be thinking of you with joy!

    There are two baby hummingbirds in the tree outside my window just about to fly.

    Amazing how such tiny creatures know so much!


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