Writers Block: Proof of Life

For a girl who with bunches to say, I have very little to write. 

Right now, my brain feels like a hoarders home.  Ideas piled to the ceiling.  I walk around poking at them with a broom, moving them from room to room but never making any progress.  I am not sure what the heck my problem is. 

I have done a lot of living in the past couple of weeks.  My children are growing, getting into trouble and making me laugh big at their naughtiness….of course, when I am not responsibly disciplining them.  My husband is building them a fort in the backyard.  We have two of three birthdays coming up and parties planned to celebrate.  I am practicing very hard to make the A Team Roster for the Lansing Derby Vixens and I have the bumps and bruises to prove it.

I have photos clogging my phone up and e-mails pouring in about my kid’s school and affiliates for my blog site. (What??…I don’t know either *shrug*)  My car looks like I live in it because I almost do.  I am co-hosting a party for Shining a Light tonight with my two beautiful, compassionate friends Sara and Summer.  Tomorrow night I am reading poetry aloud on the steps of the city capital building and I may pee my pants over it.

My problem is living.  I am living all over the place.  I am so glad I took this moment to write a little note because I am a perfectionist and I want these posts to be intelligent and well thought out.  So much so, that they never get written because I am to busy being all controlling.  So here it is.  The true story.

I will be writing more but it won’t be perfect.  It will be a pretty messy record of this living I have been doing.

God, but doesn’t that sound fantastic.  Living.  It’s a good time to be alive and I intend to pile it all high on my plate and dig in… 

Are you gonna finish that? :)

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