To The Highest Bidder

So guess who is now sitting on the Service and Fundraising Committee for the Lansing Derby Vixens.
I know that you are shocked that although I also signed up for two other options, that the powers that be derby decided that service and fundraising were right up my alley.
Flippin’ unbelievable right?
I know you are probably also thinking, where is she going to find the time? 
Short answer.
I have no idea.
There.  I am glad we have discussed this and can move on.
I am super duper excited.  When I am a grown up, I am going to be a fundraising superstar.  I love all of the experience I am piling on my resume.  You can never have too much know how.
I also get to work with Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang whose name, you might’ve noticed works well with my own.
For example,
Plus, she has a heart of gold that is full of love for her community and causes that support the people living in it.
Agenda Item #1
Planning the silent auction for our next home bout on August 6th Dazed and Confused: Lansing Derby Vixens vs. NEO Roller Derby! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Ele’s Place, “a healing center for grieving children, supporting families in the Lansing and Ann Arbor regions and beyond.”  I have never planned a silent auction before.  No biggie.  I am sure a few google searches and help from my fellow Vixens will have it more than covered.
Agenda Item #2 
Solicit businesses like it’s my job.  I will be pandering, begging, asking and politely inquiring for about 10 days.  
Agenda Item #3
Drop off a huge, massive, ginormous wad of cash to honor a fellow Vixen who tragically lost her child this year.  We have all watched with heavy hearts as she had to lovingly say goodbye to her child.  We want nothing more than to be able to show our love for her and her family by supporting this amazing organization.
I will be hustlin’.  Like the song.  Everyday.  Well, until the next bout.  
Who are we kidding?  Every. Flippin. Day.
If you own a business, online or otherwise and have something you would like to contribute, please send me an e-mail at themotherflippinblog(at)  
*whispers* I don’t know.  Are spammers smart enough to read that?
Generosity is a gift to the world but mostly to yourself and your spirit.
Love always, going once…going twice… and given away freely on a daily basis,
Nina Firecracker….BANG!! (couldn’t help myself)
P.S. I am so happy to be apart of a league that gives money, time and extra effort to the community. Just one more way of making #lovelansing an amazing place to live.
It is good to be a Vixen.

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