How About Isaac?

I still remember standing in the bathroom with my friend Monica waiting for the line to turn pink.  I wanted to be pregnant so badly. When it turned pink, I grabbed her hands and literally jumped around like I had won the lottery.  Ask her.  She will tell you I was completely excited and over the moon with joy.
I love being pregnant. 
Now, I refer to that as a 9 month derby injury.  Please do not mistake my nostalgia for family planning.
Our little family was about to grow by another person and it was time to plan.  It was time to pull out the maternity wear and schedule my doctor’s visits.  It was time to pull all of the baby blankets out and wash them.  It was time to move out of our too small home.  It was also time to choose a name.
“How about Isaac?” suggested Uncle Matt.
Isaiah and Isaac….hmmmm, that works.
And then I read the meaning.


“God has made me laugh, and all who hear will laugh with me.”
Don’t worry.  Biblically speaking, that is where the similarities end.
Isaac has an easy smile and a smooth demeanor.  He is as stubborn as an ox but the first to ask if I am okay when I cough, stub my tough or wince.  He seems to be auto tuned to notice others.  He is also a big prankster.  Check out the video below for proof. 
We call him little fish for the huge pucker we get when asked for a kiss.  We call him sugar lump because of his sensitivity.  He will be starting full day kindergarten soon and I am heart broken. 
Okay.  I am excited for him but dang…that’s one  of my babies.  *sigh*
Happy Birthday handsome face.  We love you.

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