Wordless Wednesday: Tai Cheese!

Get it! Get it!!

…Cause I’m doing Tai Chi exercises and smiling.

I kill myself!

I knew roller derby was making me stronger. I knew that the opportunities given to me because of my involvement with the Lansing Derby Vixens have continued to stretch my personal growth. Why this picture and not a cutesy one of my boysenberries?

Because in this photo, you can see it.

Well, maybe you can’t but I can.

I see myself smiling through a Tai Chi warm up for the First Annual Dragonboat Race with my darling Gretta von Detta.

I would have never, ever attempted this last year.  I wouldn’t have even considered it.  Not for a second.  This year, I jumped at the chance to paddle with the only all woman team entered.

And we ROCKED it!!!

Did you see the gun show?

I mean, look at my muscles!

This photo was taken by Trumpie Photography during Tai Chi exercises led by the fabulous and gifted Belinda Thurston of Just B Yoga.

Check out this video of our race!

I wish you all growing pains!

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One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Tai Cheese!

  1. Sun's out, guns out Firecracker! I'm so proud of you, blossoming and blooming into your being. You are strong. You are solid. You ARE! ROAR!

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