Disaster Preparedness

It has been a long night.  I just got home from a roller derby scrimmage in Brighton. 
Why am I up writing this blog post?

Well, what roller derby serves up in exhaustion, it returns in adrenaline.

Right before I left, I tossed a bunch of paper with dates on them into my purse for the purpose of updating my calendar.  School has started. Soccer season is starting.  Roller derby continues.  Lansing’s Best tapings are scheduled.

My inbox is screaming at me.  All I have been thinking…praying about today is….

Dear God, please do not let my schedule conflict…EVER!

Tomorrow night is the famly dance at my son’s school.  It is a great time.  They bring in a DJ, it’s a hawaiian theme and everyone brings a dish to pass.  All of this equals three key factors of a mother flippin’ approved event.

A.  I die for themes! We will all be wearing our Hawaiian swag.
2.  We commonly dance it out at the Torok Abode, thanks to Grey’s Anatomy.

and finally,

It is a  Potluck – for little effort and low cost, I can feed my family without dinner rules and manners.

Which brings me to my point.  In an effort to avoid the disaster of showing up to a potluck without a pot, I checked my “baking” cupboard and found a mix for peanutbutter cookies.  My Isaiah reviewed the recipe and saw that the mini reeses peanutbutter cups (that I hide at the back of the freezer none to well) could be pressed into the cookies like so….

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies Recipe

I set the package on the counter thinking I could whip these puppies up just before we headed to the party.  When I got home tonight, I encountered these freshly baked.

No. It is not lost on me that these cookies look like boobs.  *sigh*
I hope no one notices….
cuz, I want to point it out and giggle like the 12 year old boy that I apparently am.
A prepared 12 year old boy. Word.

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