Soccer Archaeology

It is soccer season.

It is the time of year when regular moms become soccer moms.  We carry extra coats in our car, camping chairs and snacks that will keep the kids going until the later dinner time.  We stand in the weather waiting to encourage our kids to get in there and play.  We teach them sportsmanship with the help of coaches and opposing teams.

This year, I lucked out big time.

Paul volunteered to coach Isaac’s team.  As a side note, my boys’ best friend’s dad is Isaiah’s coach.  They both share the same practice times.  That meant that I got to miss a majority of the practices.  I stayed home prepping dinner and hanging with Levi.

For those of you who don’t know, one child is way, way, WAY easier than three. 

It was kind of a mini vacation on practice nights.

Game time is upon us and now my role as soccer mom requires my attendance on the field with the same regularity as the mailman.  Through sleet and snow and all of that.

The first game of the season was this week and it was a lot of fun.  Isaac scored a goal and Isaiah did really well too. 

Just before Isaiah’s game, I noticed that Isaiah was not practicing with his team.  No one seemed to know where he was.  I figured he was just playing with all of the children not enrolled in soccer but still attended games because their siblings were playing.  (It is a Catholic school after all)

I found him eventually.  When I asked around some of his friends said that he was exploring the woods to see if he could find evidence that anyone had ever lived there.  Apparently, crafting a sign that said “Please Abduct Me” was too difficult.  He went with a less direct approach.

Note the guilty, concerned look on his face.  I mean, why make your mother worried!? 

Turns out his little archaeological project turned up some great “evidence”.  Yes, you are seeing a vent cover, an old boot and a tin can.  I am not sure what Isaiah concluded but….cool, right?

In the end, in spite of myself, I was pretty proud of him.  I love his adventurous spirit.

But, so help me, if you ever disappear on me like that again…..!

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