My First Bout

That is probably the lamest most unoriginal title ever.

It is what happened though. Yesterday, I finally played roller derby in a competitive bout in the Mitten Kitten Mash Up Tournament.


It was more fun than I ever imagined.

I love roller derby. (I know we’ve discussed this but let’s recap for the new comers.)

I love how it has given me a new respect and admiration for my body. I love hearing the tapping of wheels on the track when we line up before the whistle. I love throwing my hips or shoulders into another girl. I love the competition.

Funny. The competition is what had kept me out of bouts. I had to tryout for rosters. My coach and captains evaluated my skills nearly every month of the 8 months I have been on the team. Up until now, I have never made the roster and this time I made it as one of the two alternates.

Which was bittersweet, by the way. I was ecstatic to be named as a part of the rostered skaters. I have been fighting for that spot. Blisters, sweat and bruises all testify to my hours in practice. I am a dedicated, hard working Vixen.

We are VIXENS!

Their wasn’t a guarantee that I would get to play. Only a possibility.

#I Die.

I want to play. I Want To Play. I WANT TO PLAY!

I have never played on a sports team before. We have discussed my years of cheerleading for the Matadors. I have never been an alternate for anything in my life. I have always gotten the role, the spot, the opportunity. Derby has been different for me. It has been humbling. It has taught me what being a member of a team means.

I have helped penalty track, I have pulled up tape and I have traveled to support the team. I sat on the sidelines as an alternate dying to play but watching and cheering on my team. My team. I am a part of the Vixens. Those girls are my team.

They have pushed me for 8 months. We have laughed hard. We have fallen on and around each other (but small). We have volunteered all over this city. I know them as moms, activists, lawyers and teachers.

I am rambling.

Roller derby is not a sport I would have ever imagined on my list of extracurricular activities but I love it. I have busted my tail to finally get here and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

Whatever it is. Do it. It is going to be hard. Your heart might ache for it. Your body may suffer for it. Let your soul rejoice in it. It’s worth it.


Nina Firecracker

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3 thoughts on “My First Bout

  1. You inspire me. I have far to go, but I’m so glad to be starting the journey with someone like you in my corner! Thank you for doing these things because in doing them, you cause your courage and spirit to spill over onto others. Thanks for splashing me!


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