PSA: From One Mom to a Nation

This morning, I rolled over to my husband’s voice asking me what he could do to help me get going this morning.

Don’t laugh.  Some of us are just not meant to wake up early.  It is against our super sleepy spidey DNA code. 

He is working an hour away and therefore morning AND bedtime plus the stuff in between is on me.  Please, before you start feeling bad about this, note that this is a rarity.  My husband is typically involved or in charge of parenting duties across the board.  There is no room for choosing feminine or masculine jobs in our house even if we ascribed to such theories. 

So far the division of labor only lies in a few places.  He does yard work and I clean up vomit due to his crazy bad gag reflexes.  There.  That’s where the tradition remains.

So I rolled out of bed sullenly and started my morning playlist to get me movin’.  It was fine.  I did not die or I have not yet.  It did make me think of all of those military moms and dads that handle morning routines, bedtime routines, doctor’s appointments, daycare, jobs and family traditions minus one important member of their family.  Today I share with you an anonymous contribution to The Mother Flippin’ Blog.  Although, I know who she is, you may all know someone like her that could use a little help until they are on the plus one side againespecially during the holiday season.

This is a service announcement for all people who judge a mother with hairy legs and kids screaming at the grocery store.

Don’t judge too harshly.

Her day might have started something like this:

Actually her day started last night at 11:30p.m. just as she was falling into a peaceful slumber….

The baby woke up screaming and puked on her. As she was cleaning up the baby, her 3 year old started throwing up, so she cleaned up the three-year-old. She then threw the sheets into the wash.  When she threw the sheets in to the washer, she remembered that it was red, white, and blue day for her oldest at school the next morning. So she threw the clothes in there with the sheets and poured the last of the laundry soap in.

Returning to her children she gave the 3-year-old a drink and sat down to nurse the baby.  In her mind, she remembered that she was out of laundry soap and needed to add it to the list.  She falls asleep for a few minutes holding the baby and the 3-year-old…..Until the oldest little person wakes up throwing up. She cleans up the oldest puts the sheets in the laundry room and remembers she is out of laundry soap.

She pours the oldest the last of the Gatorade and puts clean sheets on his bed just as the sun is coming up.  She jumps in the shower and is getting out when she hears the baby crying. She decides to go to the store and get laundry soap and Gatorade and some crackers.  As the kids get up one by one she gets them ready and finally heads to the grocery store.  She of course runs into an old friend and has shorts on and hairy legs.  *sigh* She grabs the Gatorade and crackers and leaves with sobbing children while people are giving her dirty looks.

When she gets home to start another load of laundry she remembers that she never got the soap at the store.

You hear comments of how annoying crying kids are at the grocery store.

“Why can’t the mom control them.”

Maybe that mom has sick kids and has a husband out of the country fighting so you can open your big mouth to complain about that woman and his children. Maybe that mom has lost her husband and is trying to find her way in the world and those annoying little kids just want their Daddy.  Let’s not judge each other too harshly and please don’t call a mother with hairy legs lazy… she might not have sat down for 2 days and a shower is questionable ;-)

Be gentle with us as we are just trying to raise our little people.

Check out the Submission page if you would like to submit a piece to The Mother Flippin Blog.

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