Love On Our Walls

Paul is usually the winner of Christmas.

Actually, he is usually the winner of all gift bearing holidays and events. I would bet money that he has a spreadsheet somewhere. A detailed accounting of everything I have ever said I wanted and a star rating system indicating the importance.

He swings and knocks it out of the park every time. Without fail.

You may remember last year and how I felt so Thoughtfully Considered.

This year, I was determined to win Christmas. I didn’t just purchase gifts. I waited for a moment. The o-m-g-how-has-he-lived-this-long-without-that-thing moment had to come before I hit “add to shopping cart”. I found scrabble wall art at 15Tangerines on Etsy in honor of our evenings battling it out. I also found a photograph of an important landmark in our relationship to hang on our wall.

Every gift meaningful.

The last one was the tear jerker, the clencher…the BIG Reward a la the Christmas Story!

I spent an hour painting a portrait of him and I.   Well, not really him and I.  It is how I see us.  He knows it.

My whimsical balloon floating up in the air and his realistic, safe self resting on the ground.  We are at perfect balance.  A gentle reminder of the type of compromise, compassion and respect for our individuality that makes us a great couple.

I spent an afternoon in my attic office, dabbling in the fine art of acrylic paint.  So did the boys.  Paul now has four one of a kind pieces of art.  They are now hung all around the house.

Love on our walls.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you were all considered.  Ours was filled with renewed hope and optimism for the new year.



PS – If you don’t understand the reference, than you missed this post.


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