Can I Derby?

Tomorrow night will mark the end of an off-season.  Roller derby practice with the Lansing Derby Vixens will be on again.  Two nights and one  morning a week, I will be back on the track.  I was just putting away some laundry this morning and saw my full drawer of derby clothes….#pumped.

I am looking forward to it.  I am a little scared.

I am not super confident.  I know it seems that I am but I swear before every practice I wonder if this is going to be the time I realize I am not cut out for this sport.  Ask my wife.

A totally reliable source, I kid you not.

She knows because I am always telling her just how awful I played…well, sometimes I come back to the bench breathlessly rambling about some feat I completed that she didn’t see.

*gasp* Oh, my gosh. *gasp* Did you SEE me jump over that girl who fell, spin around and keep skating? *gasp*

What?! No. *gulp water*

It was awesome.  *gasp* I don’t even know how it happened! *plops down on bench* *gasp*

Most of the time, in my own slightly neurotic perfectionist mindset, I am evaluating some skill I did not quite grasp.  I surprise myself with my ability to get very frustrated with myself – especially since I am typically so even keeled.

With the season opening, I am getting a little anxious.  Can I really derby?  Am I really strong enough, smart enough and athletic enough to play this challenging sport?  It seems highly unlikely and very challenging.

Just like other challenges in my life, I have made some resolutions for the 2012 Lansing Derby Vixens Season.

1.  Skate very low.

2. Get up very fast.

3. Stay focused – practice like you play.

4. Play inside the lines – No track cutting.

5. Hit with my whole body – from shoulder to hip.

6. Eat like an athlete.

I tend to eat like roller derby gives me a green light on everything within reach.  In some ways it does.  I can eat without gaining weight.  My activity level is apparently high enough for me to eat as unhealthy as I have been.  My body is thinner than ever.  Unfortunately, I am not as strong as I could be but I imagine with more focus, I could be a beast.

Not unlike this guy.

I can derby.  So far, I have proven that much.

Am I willing to give my body the respect it deserves for allowing me to participate in such an amazing sport by fueling it sufficiently?

We shall see.

Skate. Hit. Win.

Nina Firecracker

PS – I have been pinning all sorts of healthy things on Pinterest on my I’m An Athlete Board.  Check it out!

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