I work from home.

I do.

I swear sometimes I have a hard time convincing people that I am not lounging in my pajamas while fielding emails all day.

That is an ideal day working from home but here’s the deal.  I am also a mother.  I have a potty training three year old waging light saber battles and asking for snacks all day.  He is my other boss.  A Lil’ Mafietto, if you will. (Thanks Hitaly, for this new nickname.)

My other boss is cool too and much easier to negotiate with.

This job is hard.  I reserved two days a week to be home with my little ones.  I am the one who takes an afternoon break to have their snack ready when their father brings them home.  I am the one carrying that little one to his nap time. (Thank God he is a good napper or this deal would not work.)

Today, when I was interviewed by Shelley Mielock Davis from Mieshel Image Consulting for her radio show Professional Presence on the Michigan Business Network, I was hiding in my attic.  I had plied Vito with cheese, crackers and baby carrots.  I had also turned on Thomas the Train.  The holy grail of movies in his world.

Yes.  I pulled out the big guns to make sure I could be uninterrupted for 12 minutes. Mission accomplished.

We talked about a lot but I think the most important piece was mentioned after Shelley asked me how I manage to work, derby, raise chilluns’…

she did not say that word…

and write this blog.

I said, “You make time for the things you love.”

I love my job, my family, my derby and my writing.  I do what I love and I do it often. That is how I align my priorities and how I schedule my appointments.

You can hear the interview tomorrow at 11am and 4pm on the Michigan Business Network.

I wish you a year of doing what you love, often and fully.



PS – I attended a MarketLansing event this morning too.  Check out the photos here on their facebook page and while you’re there, “like” ’em. :)

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