Heart Is Home

Something very exciting came in the mail the other day.

No.  It was not a pair of shoes this time.

It was my brand spankin’ new passport.


It was all official and shiny.  I cheered its arrival.  I was not sure when to expect it.  The website said it could take an eternity (exaggeration font) and it only took two weeks.

Do you know what an updated passport meant for me?

It meant that I could book my trip to Kampala, Uganda where I will finally meet our Country Manager and take a bus 10-12 hours south down bumpy roads to a village called Nyakagyezi.

And so that is exactly what I did after flashing my new papers at the office.


That is where I will find more than 500 students all walking miles to get to school.  That is where I will find the house that birthday money we raised built for Grandmother Guderia and her family.  It is where I will see the faces of people I have been talking about, advocating for and humbled by for over a year.

I am extremely nervous.

I will be gone for two weeks.  I have never been away from my children for that long.  They are already staging protests.  This is going to be hard.

I am battening down the hatches.  I am starting to make plans to help bridge the gap of my absence for them while I am away.  I plan to have my girlfriends swooping in and encircling them with so much motherly love, they will request that I receive and extended stay.

This is not because I lack confidence in my husband.  He will miss me but he is well versed in sharing responsibilities.  He can handle this house and our boys.  I just want them to know that I love them, even when I am far away.  I want them to know that months before I was gone, I was sending them hugs, bounce houses and hot dates with beautiful, salt-of-the-earth women who want nothing more than to feed them ice cream.

I love my boys and even if I feel the need to trek off on this tiny mission, my heart is always with them.



PS – This is my official notice to you lovely lady friends of mine that I will start scheduling dates as of NOW.

*Space is limited. Offer only valid to those who are my besties and have been properly screened to spend time with my children.

PSS – I do intend on bringing you all with me on this little journey.  The next step is vaccinations!  (ouch!)  Don’t forget that you can sign up to subscribe to my blog via email.  Up a little and to your right.  You got it!

2 thoughts on “Heart Is Home

  1. Hey Tashmica,
    I know we have not personally met, but i feel i know you. If i lived anywhere near you I would be signing up for some little people time with your boys!! My “baby” Emma is a senior in high school and i do miss the chaos of those younger years.
    When are you going to Uganda? We are trying to plan a trip, but as you know , the airfare is so dang expensive in the summer,which is the only time Emma can go.
    And btw…. My husband and I went to Europe for 18 days when Parker was 4.5 and Emma was 2.5. We would figure out the time difference and plan the perfect time to call home to talk to the kids (days before cell phones-haha) and usually they were having so much fun they did not even want to talk to us!! It hurt, but we were glad they were fine w/o us! We certainly missed them more than they missed us. And everywhere we went I would see 2 year old girls and 4 year old boys and think of my babes. We did get the cold shoulder from Em when we returned, but it didn’t last long.

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