Stay With Me

The past seven days have been filled with loss for my family.  We have suffered the loss of two of my husband’s uncles.  Our table is missing a few chairs now.  My home, the home of my husband’s grandparents, is now steeped in more history.

The Priest shared during the first funeral, that he watched the couple walk down our street, through the doors of the church and into their pew holding hands the entire time.  He said he could see a generation of love on display before him.  Their love continues.

I have been lucky enough to watch the Torok Family.  A family, that no doubt does things differently than my own.  They are Catholic to our Baptist.  Their roots are Hungarian to our Biracial heritage.  They have lived in Lansing for longer than I or my parents have ever lived in one place.

You should have seen our first dinner with both sets of parents.  My mother in law saw a cute bunny in our backyard and my father pretended to shoot it. *sigh*

They are also  a tie that binds.  They are loyal and silently serving more than any people I have ever known.  You won’t find their faces on any Board of Directors.  You won’t see them posting their actions on Facebook.  They do the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

They shovel the elderly neighbor’s snow.  They visit people in prison.  They buy gifts for families instead of themselves.  They volunteer for things that speak to their own personal heart and mission.  It is not necessary to discuss it.  Faith without action is dead.

I watch them suffer another loss and I watch the ties that bind cinch tightly.  My heart aches and I love them more for loving each other the way that they do.  I watch my husband cry as he prays for his cousins and his aunt.  I watch and I am reminded of a song and a promise.

Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

The Priest said that the blessing and the comfort comes from the days following the loss of a loved one. The blessing comes from the love we have for each other. I watch the heads bowed and the hands held and I know that his words are true.



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