Mother Thief

I am a thief.  I have been known to steal a good idea or two when I think it will help me on the home front.  I stole the idea to have our children’s socks in the drawer in our coffee table from my mother in law who survived the raising of 10 children, 9 of them boys.  She survived physically but we joke often that the jury is still out on her sanity.

My son would just say that I know how to use my resources, which is what his teacher tells him about the information sheet in the back of his simple solutions book with the chart of measurements and equivelants.  When I visited Lansing Community College and picked up a study sheet for my math placement exam that stumped me, he told me to use my resources while pointing at the computer.  It made me giggle but he was right.

He also told my husband not to give me any answers because then I wouldn’t learn. #truestory

We all need to be resourceful when faced with a challenge.

I am a parent and that is a challenge.  I often use “resources”.  I try techniques that other mother’s swear upon.  I read parenting articles sent to me.  I ask questions, I test, I fail and sometimes there is success.  Sometimes, when a pot is too high for me to reach, I use a slotted ladle to tug it down.

When I saw this clip of Aibileen and Mae Mobley in the Help, I recognized a resource.  The whole movie is a resource for a great many things that are all tied sweetly to that one kind affirmation.

“You is kind.  You is smart and you is important.”

I suppose for some, it would be embarrasing to be found quoting movie lines as a part of your parenting bit.  Shame and embarrassment are when your child has a poop accident inside the McDonalds playland and you are too pregnant to do anything but tell a member of staff. #alsoatruestory

I am so above shame and embarrassment at this point in my life.

The other day, when my Little Fish was heading out of the door feeling a little down on himself, I took his chin in hand, looked into his eyes and said those magical words.

“You are kind. You are smart and you are important.”

I felt a little silly watching my husband grin at me from the toaster.   My son grabbed onto my waist and replied,

“Well, to you mom.”

Which gave me the opportunity to say,

 “Well, yes to me and to so many other people.”

I watched him inflate and float through our doorway and into the car.

I am a resourceful woman.



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2 thoughts on “Mother Thief

  1. I was thinking of you last night when I was speaking w/ another mom and my son tried to interrupt. I asked him, “Are you bleeding or barfing?” and he said he’d be back later. The mom said, “Wow! How does that work?” I said, “It’s the ‘B’ rule. If no one is bleeding or barfing, you may not interrupt me.” Then I said, “Steal it!” :) (Disclaimer: obviously this has exceptions. You know I’m not a callous mama.)

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