Wordless Wednesday: I Love My Job

This has been a very busy time at work. I have been given a lot of new responsibilities that both challenge and excite me. I get to work on the new Sponsor A Student Program.  My primary goal during my trip to Uganda in little over a month…

I know. Crazy.

will be to gather information about our students for their new sponsors.

You know what makes my job the best job in the world.  I get to mingle with givers.  People who donate their time, their money and their talents for the benefit of strangers.  I get to talk to 90-year-old women who knit for our children and teenagers raising money for them.  The good is everywhere.

I made this video and sent it out yesterday to testify about all of the love we see.

Click this sweet donation box to see the video!


(Or just cut & paste this link – http://animoto.com/play/04UwpCAQF5O3480ohcMkLw#share)

I am so blessed to wade into the deep good every day.

Important advice for today: Wade in deep.



PS – Don’t forget to RSVP for our big shindig on February 25th! Click here to get the skinny on a deeply good event.

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