Good morning, darlings!

Did you sleep well?

I slept on a plane heading to Amsterdam last night.

Check out the map!
I flew over an ENTIRE ocean last night.  Can you tell which ocean from this map? I am in Europe.  By the time this trip is done, I will have visited two continents. Isn’t it amazing that you can even do that?  I am a lucky girl!

I am certain sleeping on a plane was not nearly as comfortable as my own bed, next to your daddy.  I wonder who I will have slept next to.


I hope I didn’t drool in my sleep or anything more embarrassing.

One time I sat next to a UN Officer that had been all over the world protecting different people from harm.  He was a very interesting person.  I enjoyed that conversation very much.

I will tell you all about who I sat next to when I get back.  I am sure I will have lots of stories to tell by then.

After you finish reading this note, listen to Daddy and do a great job getting ready for the day.  Make sure you are by the stairs when the timer rings!

I love you so much.


PS – Honey, dance with them this morning.  Something lively. Get funky.

You’re welcome.

One thought on “Awkward.

  1. A nurse!! I sat next to a nurse traveling to visit family in Romania and HUNGARY! Same country daddy’s family is from. I watched movies and slept very uncomfortably. I don’t think I drooled. ;)

    Have a beautiful day at school!

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