Good morning ‘Saiah, Vito and my sweet, Little Fish.

I hope you slept well.  Did you wander across the hall and into bed with Daddy?

Shame, shame.

Remember to let Daddy rest comfortably.  He works hard during the day and sometimes, all we need, is some space to lay our heads.


Isaiah, you know what I mean.  You love having your own time.

By the time you were ready to be tucked in last night, I will have finally arrived at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.

This will be my view flying in.

You can see a map of it here.

Can you find the capital of Uganda on the map?  It’s called Kampala and that is where I will be staying.

Prosper will pick me up and deliver me safely to Emma and Polly’s house.

Do you remember them?  I bet Isaac will.  Emma was his girlfriend. :)

He will probably be standing there with a sign that says my name so we can find each other.

I wonder of the sign will say Tashmica or Firecracker.  What do you think?  I will be sure to take a photo of the first person I meet in Uganda.

I am sure I will be very tired but so excited I will barely sleep.

Okay.  I better let you get to school on time.

You are each my heart.



PS – Isaac, has that tooth popped out yet?  I wonder if your smile will look completely different when I get home. :P

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