Banana Phone

Turns out, I have some access to internet tonight.  So although I wrote most of this post before I left, I thought I would add a few things.

1. Pineapple in Uganda has ruined American pineapple for me.  It is the sweetest.

2. Driving without traffic laws and on the other side of the road finds me clenching my jaw without realizing it.  There’s always some motorcyclist whizzing by, cutting through or stopping short.  

3.  I may visit the source of the Nile River.  I can’t even believe that.

and now you can continue with the regularly scheduled blog post….

The best news I was given before I left was that I could call home anytime I wanted to. I wasn’t sure what the phone situation was.


I won’t be using a banana phone to call. I don’t think. Hopefully, the Skype lessons I gave your father will have paid off so we can use something more technologically advanced.

We are on very different sides of the earth though. If I want to call you at 7 o’clock in the morning, I have to call from Uganda at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We are not only oceans apart but I can call you and be starting another day at the same time.

Mind. Blown. Right?

We should try that. I will call you at midnight or 1 o’clock in the morning the day after the day you are in.

Get out your Deloreans kids!

Honey, please Google that reference for them. This is important.



PS – Please put your laundry away. Good grief. Is it all over the floor again? The only one allowed to do that in this house is me…and I am gone so the floors should be very clean.

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