To: The Rock From: The Balloon

Dear children,

This post is for my main squeeze.

Well, you may as well know.  Even if it’s as awkward as watching us kissing in the kitchen.

We have a very cheesy, uncharacteristic for us, song.  I can’t help think of Daddy when I hear it.  Sometimes he calls me when it is playing on the radio and I am not with him.  Sometimes, during an argument, I will evoke the lyrics and then…well, we finish arguing.   :)

Dear Rock,

I miss you.  I also know that you think my work is important too.  Thank you for being the kind of father that does not need to be told how to care for his children.  You make my heart rest easy knowing they will be clean, dry and well fed while I am away.  Thank you for being the kind of man that sees the world’s responsibility for the children who belong to no one.  We know those children belong to everyone who loves them.  I love you.


The Balloon <~~~~floating in Uganda right now.

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