Spring Break

I have a feeling that today is going to blow your minds.

Did you open your card yet?

Just a little riddle for you to ponder. :)

In other news, Monday starts your spring break.  I have a few things I would like you to do next week.

Isaiah – I am so deeply proud of you for wanting to take on the Spelling Bee next year.  I know you can win it.  You will kill that “Bee”.  Now that you have said it, it is time to start studying.  I want you to go to the library and find a book that will help you become the best speller you can be.  The hardest thing about setting goals is being willing to work to achieve them. You can do it!

Isaac – I want you to work on your sight words. I’m going to bet that by the time I get back, you will be able to read me a book.  I know it seems hard but so does derby.  Mommy works very hard to play a sport that she loves.  Once you learn how to read the world just bursts open for you.  You will be able to answer any of your own questions all by yourself.  What an amazing power!

Levi – (Vito) *sigh* What am I going to do with you?  I want you to work on helping your brothers with their chores.  You are a big boy now and they can show you the ropes.  Maybe you can even take over feeding Charlie (with a little help from Isaiah).

I love you and miss you all!


PS – Shoot, I almost forgot.  Paul.  Use one of the offers several of our friends and family have given and go see a movie already!  There are two free tickets to NCG in the desk.  Go.  No really. GO!

One thought on “Spring Break

  1. Isaiah, Tesia won this year and she’s got a spelling brain like her mama. Ask her to drill you. First tell her she’s pretty and ask her to show you her best grand jete. (Say, “grahnd juh-tay”). That will get you on her good side. Flattery will get you, um, well, a little ways at least. ;)

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