Wordless Wednesday: Wedding Margaritas

So this weekend, I went to a wedding.  Gluteus Maxine was getting married.  The Lansing Derby Vixens got all dolled up and headed to the event.  We then partook in the open bar.

Which led to this photo of Punch, Psycho and yours truly.

We love you, Maxine & Tom.

Thank you for reserving our seats outside. ;)

You’re gonna want to CLICK THE PHOTO* to see how we came to be in this position.

If you did not CLICK THE PHOTO*, you are making a huge mistake and possibly ruining your own Wednesday.

You have been warned.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



PS – Max & Tom, I wish you all the love in the world!

PPS – You two know how to throw a party!

*Photo credit goes to the man with the super camera reflexes, WTRef. 

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