Wordless Wednesday: Crucial

Ending the school year with a photo on our porch.


I love these two.

They did not get perfect grades or perfect attendance. They weren’t always the best at what they chose to participate in.

They were praised repeatedly by teachers and other parents for their kind and tender hearts.  They were called good helpers and enjoyed for the creativity of their minds.

Grades, accomplishments, trophies and popularity are all negotiable in my book.However, good character is crucial.

I am proud of who they are becoming.

Next year, we tackle 1st and 4th grade.  And the people said, *sigh* where did all of the time go?

Congratulations to all parents who managed another year of grooming good little people.

May your summer be full of sandy feet, sweet fruit and cool, after swim snuggles.

Love and sunlight,


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