The Sock Hop

I believe that you lose a bit of your soul every time you have to match and fold white socks.

I hate it.

I know.  This is the part when you tell me folding is for suckers.  You probably just pile them in a drawer somewhere and match while you go.

I am sure that is just awesome for you, yourself and…you.

Huh.  That worked out way better in my head.

As for me and my house, we have a lot of feet.  Ten feet, to be exact.  Most of which need a readily available pair of socks prior to putting on shoes.

If you have a lot of children, like I do, than you know that a single road block on the way to becoming fully dressed is like the Berlin Wall of accessorizing.  There is no try. There is only do or watch your children completely lose it over the mismatched sock drawer.

“Isaac, do you have your shoes on?”


“Why not?”

“There are no socks in the sock drawer.”

“Yes, there are.”

“Not in my size.”


“Of course, there *move socks around* are.  I just folded *pushes more socks to the side* socks yesterday. Who unfolded all the socks? *darts evil stare at Vito*

*Vito smiles, farts and pretends to cluck like a chicken.*


Some hours later, we do finally manage to finish preparing to venture out into the world and I am already exhausted.  It is 9a.m.

Today, I decided that the boys could and would help me fold socks.  Vito was mainly directed to play elsewhere.  I showed them how to match and then how to tuck the socks inside themselves to keep them together.

Isaac was off like a flash.

If it were to save his life, Isaiah could not fold socks.

I taught.

He struggled.

I encouraged.

He complained.

I became frustrated.

He did too.

“Isaiah, why is this so hard for you?” I said completely perplexed.

“It’s just not my gift.”

I laughed. I laughed loud.

I then encouraged him to keep trying.  He kept whining and I started to think.

COME ON, MOMMY BRAIN!  There has got to be something I can use from my handbook on parenting!

What is it?  What is…it?!



“I *dramatic pause* am a terrible cook.”

“Mom, you cook good stuff all of the time.”

“Oh honey, it was not my gift though.  I hated cooking and had to practice for years to learn how to make things that taste good for my family.  I still don’t really enjoy it.  It’s something I have had to work on.  Now, I am proud of a very few things I can make for friends and family.”

*Isaiah, catching on to the parallels, eyes me suspiciously*

“Keep trying, babe.  You’re doing well.  It may take a minute but you’ll get it.”

*Isaiah drops sock*

One thought on “The Sock Hop

  1. One word for you. Sandals. It’s summer. I know, I know. Sandals don’t work for everything but we keep 2 pair per kid around in the summer. Saves us lots of time and lots of grief. :)

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