Hunting Season

Dear God,

Hunting Season has begun.

I am not a hunter but I have been contemplating a search for some time.

I am looking for a new church. I have been through a lot in the past two years and it has changed me quite a bit. The grooves in my map have shifted off of the main roads and have meandered down barely marked paths. My spirit feels much like the plates of the earth; moving and shifting to accommodate growth, pressure and sinking.

My faith in You remains but my idea of who You are and what You want has changed. I have attended church accepting that I would not always agree with what was being taught but I would at minimum agree with the main point. Today, after all I feel I know now, that doesn’t seem to be enough.

I want more than the main point. I want to pray in agreement.

This may sound like an illusion and maybe it is. Maybe I will be like an old friend that declared that he belonged to all churches that shared our faith and decided to move through many communities.

I do things all or nothing. I buy in. Everything I do is with fervor and faith.

Why would I expect that you created me to treat my faith community any differently?

I think You know what I need and I am going to trust that You will help me find it. Even if this hunting trip starts and ends without a prize. I have learned not to fear the journey, the seeking and the remembering. I just ask that You help my boys find what they need to. No mother worships alone.

At least I don’t have to wear orange or sit in the cold to take this trip.

If I do this right,I suspect that I will enjoy more color and more warmth than ever.



PS – I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have ever searched for a new house of worship or if you’d like to recommend a place for me to try. Leave a comment below!

PPS – I’d like to reiterate that this change is a reflection of my spirit and not a reflection on the churches I have attended in the past couple of years. Just in case someone out there is having hurt feelings.


7 thoughts on “Hunting Season

  1. Come worship with me! The Episcopal Church welcomes people who prize intellect over cult of personality. We’re pro-choice, pro same gender relationship and women serve as priests. I’ll keep the pew open for you. <3

  2. Here is something that helped us when we were looking; even though we don’t have children ourselves, we looked very closely at the youth education programs at the ones we visited. If the Sunday School program is vibrant and healthy, if there’s lots of participation and volunteerism, if they are concentrating their efforts across a variety of age groups (Churches tend to lose teens if they aren’t on the ball) and so on, it’s probably a healthy church community. Another good sign is if there’s an adult education program available– even just book-club or bible study things. We like a church that DOES stuff.

  3. Interestingly I am reading this on the way to church. I would love to talk to you sometime. About my spiritual journey. After never feeling like I could find A church that matched my beliefs, my sil led our family to one that does. It’s a great place. Let me get back on. Computer or see you in person and tell you!

  4. We’ve really enjoyed the open minds at the UCC church in gran ledge – you know, the one Hitaly’s wife is the pastor of. :)

  5. I agree with Kat! I have found FCUCC out in Grand Ledge to be a welcoming and wonderful place to call my spiritual home. I had bounced around from church to church since I was a child, and I’ve finally found a place to stay. We’re an open and affirming congregation, but in my opinion the best part is the motto that the United Church of Christ holds- “God is still speaking.” We’re encouraged, as Christians, to question and keep examining our faith and what the Scripture means to us. And I might be biased, but the music is pretty great too ;)

    And this recommendation is the least I can do, with you helping me out of that hole and all… :)

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