10 Years of Motherhood: Evading Death by Lego

July will mark a wonderful anniversary for me.

No, I’m not talking about my birthday. Although, I know you know how important that day is for me.

I told my husband in December that we better start planning. My birthday is in May.

As of July, I will have been a mother for 10 years.

Isaiah, our sweetest mistake, will be 10-years-old. A completely unplanned, bundle of mysteries and lessons that I decided to accept into my life, has survived 10 years with me as his mother.


There’s your proof that angels do exist.

I cannot imagine a world where my children do not exist. I feel like I’ve always had them. When I close my eyes and think of my life before kids, I still feel their presence in those memories.

I recently learned that – crazy as it seems – It’s scientifically proven.

I have a super geeky teammate named Vicious Velma. She mentioned to me that at birth women have every egg already inside them waiting for their chance at this thing we call life.

Science says I have never lived a day without these boys which explains why I am so crazy about them.


Anyway, 10 years is a long time and affords you many lessons. In a couple of months, I am sure I will be focused on the sentimental. Today I’m feelin’ snarky.

1. No matter how loud you call them, they will pretend that they can’t hear you.

2. If you tell your children to put their shoes on, they will put on sandals in the winter and snow boots in the summer.

3. Your fridge may be stocked to the gills with delicious and healthy food. They’re not interested.

4. You will get a skull to the nose, an elbow to the lip, trip over shoes and step on Legos that feel like their number one ingredient is razor blades….

5…..and when that makes you curse, you will be judged.

6. They will try one of the following if not all of these ways to kill themselves: get lost, swim in water that is too deep, run into the street/parking lot, fall or jump off of something high, etc….

7. If you have concrete and impossible plans to change, they will get sick or try an item from #6 that will require a visit to the E.R.

8. If there is heavy snow or a down pour, your child will struggle as if in the throes of death to avoid being buckled into their carseat.

9. Your hands can never be full enough to not be asked to carry one more thing.

10. They want what you have. Always and forever, amen.

The final thing is less of a lesson and more of a law of nature.

Despite it all, you will love them and want them to live their lives guarded from pain and injury.

The fake pout. Vito is good.

But seriously, how is it no one has ever died from a Lego injury?

Happy parenting,


4 thoughts on “10 Years of Motherhood: Evading Death by Lego

  1. Oh Tasha…. I’m thankful for the moments we have shared as mothers! 10 years is an amazing amount of time to be called “mom” even if it seems that was your givin name at your birth!
    I can’t imagine my Sylvia without your Isaiah, I can’t imagine my Scotty without your Isaac! I am thankful I don’t have anymore children to imagine with your little Vito!!
    You’re an amazing mother, I envy what you are able to accomplish all in the shadow of being a mother, it’s obvious the love for your children is a natural fanominom!
    With all do respect though… You did mention your “most wanted surprise or mistake”. I too have a most wanted and adored surprise some call mistakes, (ok, I actually have 2), I too take pride in being called “mom”, BUT…. No matter what you do or what life may bring you,I will ALWAYS have 10 years of “failing” to be “mother of the year” on you! As wonderful as our oldest children are and as big of a surprise as they were, never will you hold the record for failing as mother of the year when it comes to me!!! Now, go ahead and try to beat me and become mother of the year… I actually dare you! I will sit back and laugh, laugh because I will know that you have most certainly forgotten that ALL 3 of your children are composed of greatness from their mother (as were mine), as all 7 of our children were composed with TOROKitis as well! I’m sorry, no matter what, our children will always act in some way as their fathers, and of course that inevitably keeps US out of the running for “mother of the year”!
    Congrats on the honorable 10 years, I am hopeful you never go a single year with disappointment!!!!
    So much love, Gin

    1. Well, Tasha and Ginnie – I love the Torok I married and the family I married into. And all 8 of my sisters-in-law will tell you the same thing! Even after 34 years, he still makes me laugh and laugh! If that’s an indication of “TOROKitis”, then I hope he always has it! XXX Aunt Laurie

  2. This brought to mind a conversation I had with my 9 year old, Seth. Once he overheard me say, to my 8 month old, “I cant imagine my life without you! What did we do before you were here?” Seth quickly replied..”He has always been here mom, remember you are born with all your eggs.”

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