Change. Rise. Crash.

I have only been surfing once.

It did not go well.

A skill set like that requires a bit more time and training than a first time visit to the beach can allow.

I rented a surf board. I carried it out to the water. I paddled out like I’d seen in the movies.

I perched myself up on my board and waited.

I watched the sparkly, foaming of the ocean ready to rise. With waves falling all around me, I chose when to start moving with the current and when to sit out.

I feel like I am in that exact position in my life right now.

Perched and waiting. Swimming to meet the current or sitting out.

Changing. Undulating. Moving.

When I chose to attempt to meet the ocean’s currents and jumped on my board, the results were different everytime.

I mostly ended up with a nose full of salt water.


Except for the times when I managed to get two feet on the board and stand.

Nothing fancy. Just simple steps.

Push my chest up. Pull two feet on to the board. Rise.

And for less then 30 seconds, I felt like an amazing surfer.

Until I crashed into the waves again.

I have just recently chosen a current leading into an unknown direction.

Yes, this is the ultimate in vagueblogging.

I promise to share fully when I can. I always do.

Unlike my first trip to the ocean, I have been preparing for these changes for some time.

That does not mean that this new current will be all rise and no crash.

How boring would that be?

I love a challenge.

You are invited to hear all about it on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at Stargazing: Honoring Your Own Bravery.

But you can call it #Stargazing2013.

This will be the first time I have ever shared my story with you in person.

The event is FREE. I just ask that you RSVP here so that I know to save you a seat.

You should have seen the bruise I came out of the ocean with.


Let’s just hope this experience is kinder. :)

Yours truly,


Suban, Me & Sommer



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