Hope filled

You probably would have laughed watching me build a bookshelf in a long maxi dress with half of the tools necessary today.

I was one screwdriver short of a hammer, if you know what I mean.

*insert laugh track*

I contemplated heading upstairs and asking the resident construction company for some help. My pride wouldn’t allow me to relinquish any self-sufficiency chips for a bookshelf from Target with in-depth instructions and pre-drilled holes.

I muscled through. Bravely.

And now I have a bookshelf to hold things in my new office. This afternoon I will print photo highlights of the past 9 months to frame and maybe even pick up a plant or two. I have a few more things to move in but I expect to be settled by this Friday.

I’m excited.


Starting your own nonprofit is exhilarating. It’s the way in which I feel I can best honor my past with my best skillz in the future. It is hard work laced with heartache and inspiration. It can also be lonely so I’m looking forward to working in a space with other entrepreneurs. I’m already dreaming up a Pac Man Tournament that is part office-warming event because obviously.

The last thing I did before I left was hang up the names of children written by the volunteers who know and love them.


While participating in the Darkness to Light training, they were each asked to think about the children in their lives that their new found knowledge could help protect. At the end of the training, they were asked to choose one action they would take immediately to help protect the children they named.

After cleaning up, washing dishes and breaking down the materials from the orientation, I collected these names and took them down to my office.

This is where it starts. Seventeen people committed to specific children in their community.

It’s not a snap of the fingers, cast a wide net sort of situation. This is a laser focused, strategic, one child at a time operation. These names fill my heart with hope and every day, before I unlock my door, I will see them.

Ready. Aim. Fire.



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