The Best of 2014

2014 was my least bloggiest year ever.

I’m not ashamed. I’ve been busy.

I posted 14 blogs. Of those 14 posts, you had 5 favorites. Shall we recap? I mean, who doesn’t love a “best of” edition of anything.

Before you dive into the list below, be sure to take a tour of the new look of this site – especially this new way to connect with me. I spent way too long hyper focused on it today. Fulfill my need for approval and positive reinforcement by posting a comment about how beautiful it all is!

Or don’t. My self-esteem doesn’t depend on it or anything.

Without further ado, your favorite posts from 2014. Enjoy!

Fuel the Fire. The hosting of an online collaborative storytelling series called #WhyItold. Save the date. This sharing will return on October 18, 2015 as we continue to build the blaze.

The Year of Leather & Pottery. The year that we celebrated the spirit of marital survival. We bailed all of the water, patched the sail and ate nothing but saltines for months. Storms raged and yet suddenly, we spotted the shore, leapt from the boat and swam for our lives.

Kicking Puppies. If you weren’t paying attention, this might’ve seemed like an ode to my amazing parenting skillz. It wasn’t. Even though, I clearly have it all together and am superior in so many ways. *choke.snort.laugh* This is about how roller derby made me a better mother.

As I was wandering through Denver with friends new and old, drinking mimosas, taking funny pictures, eating delicious donuts, hiking in the Rockies and skating with a different team, I kept saying one thing to myself: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide. 

Capturing Soulfires. She told the survivors who have already volunteered for #Soulfire2015 that as our photographer, “Instead of capturing souls, I will capture soulfires.” I told her that we are just beginning the Sisterhood of Traveling Soulfires. And then we giggled. And teared up. And geeked out because that was super cheesy and I don’t even care.


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