The key to my home.

I learned a spell today.

I’ve been reading Hausewitch by xxx xxx. After a couple of weeks that included one 24 hr. marathon grant writing session, I found myself on the floor.

Not figuratively. Literally.

While on the phone with a grant funder, I laid over the top of a yoga ball to stretch my lower back and hopefully pop a rib back into place. Yes. You heard that right. Ever since my time playing roller derby, I’ve had a rib that just pops out of place. I can feel it. And just as I’ve felt it every day, I’ve told my body to just hold on.

Not now. Hold it together, body. We have a grant to write, meetings to host, and a vision to cultivate. Don’t give up on me now.

And then it did. I stood up after what felt like a gorgeous stretch and crumpled. I could not stand up straight. I slowly folded like a note I use to pass in class. Chest to lap. Hands to floor. Slowly spasmed my way down to the floor where I winced with pain and laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.

I was alone. On the floor. Not a single staff member, volunteer, or visitor. I crawled over to my phone and called my husband.

Hey babe. Um. Can you come get me? I hurt my back and I can’t get up. No one’s here. I need a little help…

Bring me home.

Bring my heart to my hearth.

Bring my hands to my children.

Bring my desire for praise and respect to my husband.

Bring my attention to my home’s comfort and care.

Here is how I manifest what is highest and best.

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