I am a writer that enjoys inappropriate jokes and marks milestones in tattoos. My latest project involves asking questions about my past and reflecting on the difficult answers in a memoir about the abuse I experienced.

At conferences and special events, I preach lavishly loving yourself through militant self-care, inciting riots of generosity and how to parent honestly. I love talking nonprofit communications because it’s all about gratitude and hospitality. Two things I love to dish out. I preach humility too because soap boxes don’t go with my shoes.

I am the mother of three energetic (beyond reason) sons. I am the wife of a tile installer who is the Rock to my Balloon. I love to try new things and am on the look out for the next adventure. I’m kind of addicted to the journey.

I wrestle with God like Jacob. I am a survivor of sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse and I am not afraid to say it out loud. However, the abuse has distorted a few things and I am trying to adjust the focus. I am Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. All of the egg dishes have been laid out. I am tasting and deciding now who I want to be.

I want to be skinny but I like the taste of beer and pizza more. Motherhood and domesticity baffle me. Other side hobbies include yoga, drinking mimosas, creative crafting ideas that never come to fruition and loving my untrained therapy dog Lucy.

I am the executive director of The Firecracker Foundation, an organization charged with becoming what I would have wanted for myself as a child victim of sexual abuse. I champion high-quality, consistent holistic healing options for survivors and their families.

It’s so nice to meet you.

Love, love,

Tuesday Girls to the Rescue: Rule #2




PS – You can also find me here on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @TashmicaTorok. Introduce yourself. Let’s be friends!


7 thoughts on “About.

  1. Hi Tashmica,

    My name is Ariniko and as beautiful and exotic as it sounds it means nothing. My mother made it up. LOL You know full well we make our names! Yours and mine! Originally made up yet continued to be made by all that we do!
    Love you!

  2. Hi Tashmica,

    You are an inspiration to many and I feel so lucky because I get to work and interact with you! I met you in person when I had just lost my Dad and it was like you were a Godsend. I had such a great time with you working in the field and my morale was boosted with all the stories and laughter over several cups of tea. The mother flipping page has become one of my favorite must reads! I can go on and on…..



  3. Hello my name is Tashmica and I encourage sexual assault victims that are lesbians and minors to examine why it’s bigoted of them to not like penises

      1. Y’all forgot about the part where she saw the girl in question hit herself repeatedly and said that it was a performance against her 💀

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