Giving Up

I finally found that stupid little cord that connects my Droid to my speaker dock thing.  It only took me a year or so.  Around that time, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and decided to go with a Droid as a replacement.  I realized I had misplaced the cords the first time I tried to turn on a bedtime story podcast for my children.  Apparently, I had tossed the additional connectors….somewhere.


Fast forward a year, and there it sat with dust covering every inch of it.  I found the chords in a grandmother basket sitting about two inches away from the dock.


I happily blew dust off of the speakers and plugged everything in.  Beautiful music filled our upstairs.  Beautiful free music from my Pandora station.  I want to pay for music.  I also want to buy groceries.  Food always wins.

Music is the perfect accompaniment to bathing, dressing and organizing children for the next day.  We love our Norah Jones station.  Jack Johnson sings us into our jammies and Norah allows me to sing duets with her to Vito.  Listening to yawning, settling children while rocking a sleepy almost non-toddler to bed just under the sounds of lullabies is heaven to me.

When my husband climbed the stairs, I was still humming while tossing dirty laundry into baskets finally empty of clean clothes.

He smiled and gave me a warm hug.

“I love that you’re humming.”

I smiled.  He ventured into a messy six-year old’s closet to sort pants that fit and those that do not.  I continued my humming as I chased Vito around a corner and into his bed.

Just then, the song started playing.

I stopped.  I told Vito to stay in his bed with his bedtime snack.

Even though he had just started working out the pants situation with Isaac, I stopped Paul too.

He met me in the hallway and we danced.  I shooed away children, sent them to their beds.

“I am having a moment with your father.”

This song is for people who have dishes piled sky-high in their sinks.  It is for mommies and daddies with paint chipping off of the walls and bills piled on their desks.  It sings to the soul of my love of the messy realities of relationships.  Listen. Dance. Give up.

Our lives don’t always split open to find romance running through it.  It’s usually the opposite.  When a moment arrives that makes your heart stutter to a happy skip, you must stop.  The children will enjoy peeking around the corner at you.  They will push their hands into the small space between you and try to find a place for themselves.

You will reach down to find love in small hands in your pockets, pulled tight around your waist and wrapped around your shoulders.

The house will be a little dirtier.  There will be a pause in practicality and function.  You will feel a little idealistic and foolish.

A little romance never killed anyone.*

A lightly dancing and humming,


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*Except maybe Romeo, Juliet, and the couple from the Titanic movie…but that’s it. ;)