Wordless Wednesday: Sleepyheads

I was doing my late night checks.

This is similar to what you’ve seen in Girl Interrupted but with more love.

I go through the boys’ bedrooms shutting off lights, covering bare toes and kissing lightly warm foreheads.

I’m also making sure all of my boys are where I left them. Sometimes they move.

I panic a little and eventually find them sleeping under the bed, in a closet or in a laundry basket piled high with blankets.

All of those things have happened.

Levi wasn’t in bed last night. So, I went to the next obvious place, my bed.


I could hear him breathing. I checked the floor on the other side of the bed.


And then this.


He had slipped under the fitted sheet.


(Yes, he does have a shiner.  I told you.  He’s a mob boss.)

My guy lifted the veil so I could snap that photo. I stifled giggles while Paul lifted him up and headed to the correct little bed.

I guess he gets his sleeping habits honestly.

This is our Little Fish at around the same age.  My apples are lying directly under the right trees.

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Enjoy your day, wherever you may fall asleep.

Love and checks,