While I was away, something happened.  Many of you will remember my blog post called Thoughtfully Considered inspired by my husband’s Christmas trickery.  He had somehow carved out the time and the privacy to partially finish our attic.  It was a dry walled half painted room when I left for Uganda.  I will let the video illustrate the rest.  

He managed to take a room that was built because of his love and transform it into a room filled with the love of the people I value most in my life.  I don’t know how he comes up with these things.  All I know is that the people I love conspired together to show me how much they loved me and I wept because of it.

Logo painted by Ben Corr (My derby wife’s husband)

Love can be overwhelming that way.

He listened because everything was done the way I had been dreaming aloud about for over a year.  It is exactly the way I wanted it to be.  Now, all that’s left is to hang the pictures and fill it with some small pieces of furniture.

It is Sunday afternoon and I am writing in a room that is just swirling with love.


Wordless Wednesday: Good Signs


Isaac is already creating his way through life. I find his art everywhere.

His art can be found on the doors, as pictured above, inside the car, on the sidewalk and on his body.

And…I want to be mad. I want to scold and redirect him to white paper and crayolas. I also think he is a mixed media artist.

I love his little drawings. I do try and keep him corralled but mostly I enjoy the art that seems to just spill out of his being. Then we grab a towel and clean off the walls.

This ain’t the DIA. Yet.