Lilly’s Mom

To whom it may concern;

It appears there are a lot of you.  You are deeply concerned.  Concerned Enough to send emails, posts, tweets and comments letting the world read all about Lilly’s story. If perhaps you missed my blog post Bullies Are Stupid & I Love The Way You Walk, read it NOW!

Lilly’s mother would like me to share something with you all.

I really would like to thank Tashmica Firecracker Torok for taking such interest in her favorite niece! To all of you that have read and responded to this wonderfully written blog, thank you! It seemed for so long all of my concerns, frustrations and feelings of sadness were falling on deaf ears. Thank you for listening.

9th grade was a rough year for Lilly. Lilly finished up the year with her head held high. I could not have been more proud!! Nobody knows what Lilly’s future holds, not even the doctors. Whatever she does she will know she is loved, she is stronger than she believes and I will continue to go to the ends of the earth for her!

Growing up I always heard “sticks and stones may brake your bones but names will never hurt you.” This could not be further from the truth. Words KILL, and we continue to see it and hear about it in the news! As the adult in charge it is your job to step up and teach students respect and empathy. They need to teach peers to stand up for one another.

Holt High School 9th grade campus fell very short, and my daughter payed the price! As Aunt Tasha said, Lilly’s physical bruises have healed, unfortunately her self esteem, courage and trust have been deeply wounded. That scar will remain a lifetime. Continue to read, pass along the blog and please voice your opinion!

Principal Nick Johnson has never been held accountable for his actions or lack of. The lies he told and put in writing have never been put to truth. Most of all, as the principal of an entire building, he only has enough confidence and pride to fall on the heels of someone else’s apology by simply saying….

“I’d like to echo that”.

Lilly’s mom,
Ginnie Torok

Months ago, when I shared with my friends what was going on, I kept trying to think of something I could do for Lilly.  Something that would let her know she was special.  I skate for the Lansing Derby Vixens, so I thought about bringing her to a bout and letting her be all VIP.  I thought about scheduling a spa day with my stylist.  I just couldn’t put my finger on the right thing.

The write thing.

Ginnie told me that if the administration would not do the right thing, she wanted me to do the write thing.

Thank you all for doing the write thing.  Continue to share and know that Ginnie, Ben, Lilly and family are discussing the next best course of action.  I will be sure to share with you what they believe that to be.  Thank you for loving and encouraging our Lilly! Thank you for continuing to prove that not only do we live in a community that will not tolerate bullying, you are willing to advocate to keep it that way.

With all my fiery heart,


PS – We are reading every single comment through tears passing over smiles.  What a treasure you are.