Christmas Card Outakes

Just like any good production, there are out takes.

If you happened by The Mother Flippin’ Page this week, you would have found our very cheerful greeting card displayed.  I think it turned out so well….considering.

I had twenty minutes before we all had to be out the door.  We set up the tripod and turned on the music.  A few test shots and we were off.

Everybody dance!  Too blurry.  Everyone pretend to dance and pose… in 5-4-3-2- ONE!

Everybody laugh!  We lost Levi.  Guys you have to look at the camera.  This is a special message to our friends.

Leave the dog ALONE!

Insert explanation to three kids who could not care less about holiday cards.

It was pandemonium but in the end.  It worked.  And now I know, I will never be a portrait photographer.

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So, yes.  That is our dirty couch, our coffee table and our dog piled under those pillows on top.  Those kids are barefoot in their living room.  Vito was uncommonly well behaved.  This year’s greeting card is pretty close to how it goes at our home all the time.  Stranger than fiction.

To see the actual finished product of our holiday card click here.  It’s amazing what a glass of wine and uninterrupted time with Picasa and Picnic can do.  Holla!

We wish you only the happiest of holiday seasons and a very happy new year!


Tashmica and her Mother Flippin’ boys

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