Look At What Blooms

I was standing over my kitchen sink rinsing dishes when I noticed it. I have a terrarium hanging off the latch of that window with a succulent that is spiky but the skin looks velvety to the touch. Something colorful snagged my attention. It had bloomed.

I have never had a succulent bloom under my care but there it was. One perfect purple and yellow flower. My favorite colors. I picked it up and immediately started smiling and celebrating. It was so pretty.

And then it got me thinking about all of the ways I’ve been practicing Militant Self-Care and all of the ways I’ve been blooming because of it.

Here’s a short list.

Literally, all of my flowers. Even my succulents are blooming.

These are Black Magic Hollyhocks. You’re welcome.

I am watching hollyhocks, lavender, yucca, and sweet peas bloom. I am cutting back my lamb’s ear and making wreaths. We are harvesting raspberries and turnips for making jam and pickles. I’m pulling up dill and chamomile for drying. And because of the healthy boundaries I’ve created around work, I’ve had the time to plant seeds and nurture them as they grow.

I been werkin’ on my fitness like Lizzo.

I am walking 8,000 steps a day. When I take conference calls, I am walking. When my husband gets home, I am walking with him to check in about his day, mine, and what’s happening for the kids. I am making time for meals and counting down the 6-8 fruits and veggies recommended daily. I am drinking water all day too. I’ve even been on a few bike rides.

A healthy breakfast sans my phone.

My hearth and home is my central focus.

I’ve been paying closer attention to what’s going on right in front of my face. I’m not saying that I am not aware of the world’s problems. I still read the news and check in on local organizations and organizers. I am just making plans for the little hearts in my home before I take on any(more) tasks related to saving pieces and parts of the world. I won’t say I don’t ever feel guilty feelings about it but it’s like I tell the kids sometimes…

Mommy is often on the frontlines in ways that aren’t always visible and so when I say no, it is giving someone else the opportunity to say yes because I am not the only answer.

Everyone is pitching in more. Everyone is learning how to tend to our home.

Nothing blooms without care and attention. If you’re ever wondering how you’re Militant Self-care practice is going, look at what’s blooming or, sometimes even more importantly, what’s not.

Here’s to even more blossoms in my heart, my home, and my garden this summer. And maybe in yours too.

Always tending,

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Published by Tashmica Torok

Tashmica Torok is a survivor activist working to end child sexual abuse. As the founding Co-Director of The Firecracker Foundation, she incites riots of generosity and advocates for the healing of children and families. Tashmica is a published storyteller, kitchen witch, mother of three, and wife to a talented tile installer.

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